Trademark Heavy Equipment Sales Ltd.
About Trademark

Trademark Heavy Equipment Sales Ltd was started in October 2003 and has focused primarily in the mining industry for a large used mobile equipment.

Trademark has extensive experience and in-depth knowledge of the industry. The involvement in the industry over 40 years has allowed company to develop many worldwide contacts in over 85 countries. This is the unique edge and advantage of the company.

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Marketing Strategy

Target Markets


  • Our marketing strategy is quite simple and much focused.
  • We will continue to stay the course on what we do best and that is buy quality used mobile mining equipment that we have a ready market for by understanding customer’s needs, wants, and requests.
  • As they say “the world is our oyster” and from our base in Vancouver, Canada we converse with numerous mining heads offices here and that have operations around the world and need assistance sourcing, logistical assistance/freight forwarding and in some cases reassembly, we can make this happen everyday due to our large base of contacts around the world.
  • Terry Martens has travelled and work on 5 continents over his career and is sensitive to local cultures and procedures which allows us to use our expertise to continue to gain market acceptance with all levels of clients who are focused on what they do best, building a mine and allows them to use as reliable source for used equipment sourcing.
  • Our marketing plan is not to have a large inventory of equipment rather know where equipment is available for sale and be able to purchase it for our customers who have new contracts or mine openings.
  • When outstanding equipment purchasing opportunities arise take advantage of them by knowing what customers current and future needs will be.